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Nemoy Press Pack



Short Bio

Born and raised in the southern part of Switzerland during the 80ies, Nemoy learned to play a bunch of musical instruments and that’s what he’s still doing today. The sonic range and diversity in his music probably is the result of various endeavours in drum’n’bass, with local Hip Hop groups, several funk combos, dj crews and techno labels, with his own recording studio, or in film and theatre soundtracks. His rich musical back-story made him the vinyl dude, music lover, multi-Instrumentalist, collector of fine vintage keys and outboard gear, midi controller scientist and dj he is today. After all, he just loves making music.

Live Performance


Shared stages with people like Nightmares on wax, Bonobo, Quantic, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Session Victim, Cuthead, and so on...

Nemoy mainly plays in Switzerland, sometimes in France, even in Ibiza, if they let him!


"A vast improvement on the traditional one man band" - Creators Project


First EP since 2005

Including some mindblowing remixes by Sam Irl & Chief

This fall on UknowY records, Munich

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